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The Reichstag is a celebrated government tower, housing the German Bundestag (Federal Government) since 1999.

As an admired symbol, it ranks among the most visited Parliaments, offering remarkable views and drawing 3 million visitors annually.

Reichstag has a stunning blend of the contemporary glass dome and elegant architectural design, which makes an impressive visit to the dome and terrace.

This dome offers panoramic views of Berlin, connecting visitors to the city’s landscape. 

Hours:  8 am to 12 am

Last Entry: 10 pm

Time Needed: 30 minutes to 3 hours

Ticket Cost: $15 to $50

Best Time:  Sunny morning or afternoon


The Reichstag building is located at Platz der Republik in Berlin near the south bank of the Spree River or the northern end of the Ebertstrasse.

Address: Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany.
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Where to buy Reichstag tickets?

Purchasing Berlin Reichstag dome tickets online offers convenience and efficiency. 

You can compare various Reichstag building tickets and their prices and choose the one, to fit your budget and preferences. 

Plus, you can enjoy the flexibility of selecting time slots that best suit your schedule.

If you book a guided tour of the Reichstag, you can skip the long lines at the security check because you will be escorted with your tour guide and a small group.

How online tickets work 

When you reserve Reichstag Dome tickets, they’re sent to your email, and there is no need for printed copies.

You can simply display the e-ticket on your smartphone and enter the attraction.

Types of Reichstag tickets

There are four ways to explore Reichstag.

From guided visits that delve into the intricacies of the Reichstag’s past and present to sightseeing trips that showcase the stunning government district, each ticket option promises a unique and memorable experience.

Reichstag, Plenary Chamber, Cupola and Government District Tour€14 ($15)
Rooftop breakfast at Käfer in the Reichstag Dome€36 ($37)
Third Reich and Cold War walking tour€20 ($22)
Sightseeing boat cruise with commentary€30 ($33)

Reichstag, Plenary Chamber, Cupola and Government District Tour

This comprehensive 2.5 hours experience is the most popular tour of Reichstag and offers a deep exploration of the Berlin government district.

Travel from Pariser Platz to the district housing the legislature and the executive branch of government.

Visit the Plenarsaal and/or the dome of the Reichstag. Then, ascend the Reichstag’s dome to take in the breathtaking panoramic view of Berlin.

Tour price per person: €14 ($15)

Get the Berlin city pass for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days to explore the city and its various sites in a cost-friendly way and ride the public transport in the ABC zones.  

Rooftop breakfast at Käfer in the Reichstag Dome

Rooftop breakfast at Reichstag is a perfect choice for a delightful experience – savor flavors and savor panoramic views. 

Get a Reichstag Dome entry ticket and enjoy 1.5 hours of culinary delight with breathtaking views.

Some tourists like to take a combined guided tour of the Reichstag, Plenary Chamber, and Government District before enjoying a romantic rooftop breakfast at Käfer.

Ticket price per person: €36 ($37)

Third Reich and Cold War walking tour

If you are looking for an experience beyond Reichstag, check this tour out that includes a guided walking tour through the Third Reich and Cold War era. 

In addition to a visit to the Reichstag, discover other iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and explore a stretch of the Berlin Wall. 

Discover Berlin’s history, including the Reichstag Fire, with an informative English-speaking guide.

Tour price per person

Visitor Type Price 
Adult ticket (18 to 65 years)€20 ($22)
Youth ticket (13 to 17 years)€18 ($20)
Senior ticket (66 years and above)€18 ($20)
Infant ticket (upto 12 years)Free Entry

Sightseeing boat cruise with commentary

Explore the heart of Berlin’s history on the East Side boat cruise, seeing the Reichstag building and other sights of East Berlin, old and new.

On this boat over river Spree, you can also marvel at Berlin Cathedral, Federal Chancellery, the East Side Gallery, Museum Island, the Oberbaum Bridge and Treptower Park.

Join a captivating 2.5-hour tour with live commentary in English and German. Discover stories behind historic landmarks.

Tour price per person

Visitor TypePrice
Adult ticket (15 years and above)€30 ($33)
Youth ticket (7 to 14 years)€15 ($17)
Child ticket (4 to 6 years)€9 ($10)
Infant ticket (upto 3 years)Free Entry

Another efficient and convenient way of sightseeing the city is on a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour with live commentary. 
You can visit preferred landmarks by getting off and on at any stop. 

Reichstag ticket discounts

The entry to Reichstag is free for everyone; all you have to do is book an online registration in advance.

We recommend a guided tour ticket that includes registration for free visit to the Reichstag dome and guided tour of the government district. 

You can enjoy special savings and enhanced opportunities for your visit, such as the Spree sightseeing tour with a 33 percent per person discount. 

Also, the all-day private Berlin history tour offers $22 off, while the top attractions Berlin tour offers a 10 percent discount for each ticket. 


Check out the frequently asked questions about Reichstag tickets to find answers to your queries.

Do you need tickets to enter the Reichstag?

To enter the Reichstag Building in Berlin, you need to make a ticket reservation in advance.

You must make a reservation in advance online, by fax or by post to visit the dome and the roof.

Reichstag entry tickets are free, but prior registration is necessary.

Is the Reichstag tour worth it?

Yes, the Reichstag tour is worth it for a deep understanding of Berlin’s iconic building. 

The guided tour offers fascinating insights, expert knowledge and access to exclusive areas like the Plenary Chamber for a Parliament lecture, making it a rewarding experience.

Reichstag Building tour tickets cost around US$15 (€14).

Is the Reichstag Dome worth it?

Yes, the Reichstag Dome is worth visiting. 

Its historical significance as the German parliament building and its iconic dome symbolizing Germany’s commitment to renewable energy makes it a must-see attraction in Berlin. 

The stunning design and the use of natural light add to the appeal of this remarkable landmark.

How much does it cost to go to the Reichstag?

Admission to the Reichstag Dome and Roof in Berlin is free for the public.

However, for a more enriching experience, you can opt for a guided tour.
The tour with an expert guide is recommended for a more meaningful visit and understanding of the building’s history and architecture.

Are online tickets free to visit Dome of Reichstag?

Yes, the Berlin Reichstag Dome tickets are free for everyone. You can book tickets for the Reichstag Dome online.

On rare occasions, you can get access authorizations up to two hours before the desired visit at the Visitors’ Service branch next to the Berlin Pavilion on Scheidemannstraße.

Can you visit Reichstag without booking?

Advance registration is required to visit the dome and roof terrace of the German Reichstag Building. 

You can access these attractions for free but must book in advance to ensure entry and enjoy the stunning views of Berlin’s parliamentary and government districts.

Spontaneous registration is available up to two hours before the desired visit, but it is not guaranteed.

How to book tickets for Reichstag?

Reichstag tickets reservation can be made online through the official website by filling out the request form

You can secure your visit by following the simple steps on the website and booking your Reichstag Building tickets online.

How to book Reichstag building entrance tickets?  

There are several ways to obtain your Reichstag entry tickets, each catering to different preferences and schedules.

Advanced Reserved Tickets

The least-expensive way to get your Reichstag tickets is by reserving them in advance online. You can book your free Reichstag tickets from the Bundestag website.

Learn more about the Reichstag ticket reservation process here. 

Guided Tours

For spontaneous visits, Reichstag guided tours are a great option providing both information and guaranteed access to the Reichstag dome. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity for last-minute travelers to explore the landmark without the need for advanced planning.

The German guided tour of the Berlin government district, including the Reichstag, Plenary Chamber and Cupola, is popular among visitors. 

Reservation for Käfer, the Rooftop Restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience combined with Reichstag access, consider making a reservation at Käfer, the rooftop restaurant on the Reichstag Building’s terrace

While not a budget option, dining at Käfer provides unparalleled views of Berlin and a delectable culinary experience.

Reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner include access to the dome and terrace, making this an excellent way to combine sightseeing with fine dining.

For pre-dinner drinks and snacks, choose the appraiser reservations for Käfer rooftop restaurant and appreciate the captivating ambiance of the Reichstag Dome. 

What to Expect

Berlin, a city steeped in the ink of German history, boasts one of its most significant and iconic historical buildings – the Reichstag. 

As both a parliament and a mirror of German history, this architectural masterpiece stands as a silent witness to the tumultuous past of Berlin. 

Within its walls, some of history’s most crucial events have transpired. 

Visiting the Reichstag promises an incredible panoramic view of the city and a glimpse into the heart of Germany’s democratic processes.

Here is all you can expect from visiting the Reichstag building in Berlin. 

   Panoramic views  

The Reichstag’s iconic glass dome presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness an astounding panorama of Berlin’s landmarks. 

As you ascend the dome’s spiral walkway, the city unfolds around you, revealing the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral and the sprawling Tiergarten Park. 

This 360-degree vantage point captures the essence of the city’s rich history and vibrant culture, providing a unique perspective on its past, present and the interconnectedness of its architectural treasures.

An Architectural Marvel

Marvel at the Reichstag’s architectural brilliance as you explore its interior. 

The building’s significance is not only historical; its design is architecturally priceless and carries the legacy of the world-renowned architect Norman Foster.

Natural lighting is a prominent feature of this eco-architecture, making the Reichstag dome highly energy self-sufficient. 

The combination of natural lighting and ventilation renders the Reichstag a unique symbol of sustainability, blending modernity with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Witness the Plenary Sessions

For those who wish to dive into the heart of German democracy, visiting the Reichstag during a plenary session is a must. 

If you’re well-versed in German or have access to translation services, you can easily listen to the Bundestag’s debates and discussions. 

It’s a chance to witness the democratic process, gaining insight into the nation’s legislative activities.

Soviet graffiti

Explore the Reichstag’s history reaching back to the days of World War II. 

After the infamous Reichstag siege in 1945, Soviet soldiers left their mark in graffiti. 

Remarkably, these historical traces have been preserved, providing a tangible link to the past, allowing you to see the Soviet graffiti today.

Art and Culture

Art enthusiasts can appreciate the collections housed within the Parliament Reichstag building. 

Rotating exhibitions and permanent displays contribute to the cultural ambiance of the Reichstag. 

It’s not just a place of politics; it’s a space that celebrates creativity and history, offering diverse artwork to engage visitors.

Dine with a View

To elevate your Reichstag experience, make reservations at the Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant. 

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this dining establishment offers delectable cuisine and panoramic city views.

Must-visit attractions near Reichstag

You can discover several popular attractions near the Reichstag in Berlin. 

From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the captivating Holocaust Memorial, explore the rich history and vibrant culture surrounding this historic parliamentary building.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, widely regarded as Berlin’s most renowned and iconic landmark, bears profound historical symbolism. 

A must-see for visitors, it symbolizes the city’s stark division during the Cold War era and serves as an emblem of unity following the historic fall of the Berlin Wall. 

With its striking and impressive architecture, the Brandenburg Gate draws in tourists and historians alike to reflect on Germany’s remarkable journey from division to reunification.


Holocaust Memorial

The Berlin Holocaust Memorial, a collaboration between Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold, commemorates the six million Jewish Holocaust victims. 

Comprising 2,711 diverse-height gray concrete slabs, the memorial offers a disorienting experience for visitors navigating its undulating terrain. 

The Subterranean Information Centre offers extensive documentation on the crimes of the Nazi era, adding depth to the memorial’s historical significance.

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral, referred to as the Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church, is a grand German church and royal tomb on Museum Island in central Berlin. 

It features a striking dome that serves as a prominent city landmark, with an opulent basilica adorned with intricate embellishments. 

Within the Cathedral’s interior, one can explore the baptismal and wedding church, the Imperial staircase, the Cathedral Museum, and the awe-inspiring dome.

Featured Image: Euronews.com

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