Tips For Visiting Reichstag Building

Where to begin?

When you arrive at Reichstag, you find many options in front of you. There is a restaurant at the rooftop, the glass dome, the exterior, the multiple interesting things inside and more.

  • Have clarity about how you want to go about your day, start with what interests you the most. 

    That might not necessarily be the most popular or crowded thing at the building.
  • Don’t miss out on the exterior of the building. This is an example of where you can begin. 

    The beautiful architecture of the interior is sure to spellbind you, but don’t forget about the exquisite work done on the exterior of the building.
  • You can also start with the dome. 

    If you fear that going to the dome later will leave you waiting longer, you can get to the building early and take a look at the extraordinary view offered by the glass dome.

Other than the tips for visiting Reichstag building, if you wish to have a complete plan when visiting Reichstag, you can take a look at this itinerary

Be well prepared

To avoid running into any confusion or some situation that slows you down, it is best to be prepared beforehand.

  • Keep valid identification documents with you. They will be required at entry and must be original. The details mentioned in these documents must match the details filled out in your registration.

  • It is recommended to register online for the dome visit or guided tours. Online registration can be done from the official website of the Bundestag.

  • You are more likely to get your visit at the time you want if you choose online registration.

  • If for some reason you were not able to register online, you can do so at the site but you must register two hours before your planned visit.

  • Keep a look at the date of your visit and whether it coincides with the parliament session time or German national holidays. The building may offer limited access or be closed on those days.

Some more tips and suggestions

  • To avoid getting stuck in a crowd, seek out the least busy days to attend. Midweek and early in the opening hours is the best time to visit.

  • While summer offers clear skies and better views, it is also a peak season at Reichstag. 

    A good tip for visiting Reichstag building is to do it in the window of November to March.

  • You will experience lower crowds and have a calmer time. Pick the right time to visit and you will get clear weather as well.
  • Another one of the more important tips for visiting Reichstag building is to check the weather forecast of the week of your visit. 

    Access to the roof and the dome is denied during inclement weather conditions and your visit might be canceled without notice.

  • Parking is a hassle if you show up to the Reichstag building in your vehicle. There isn’t any parking space around the premises. 

    You can take a bus, train or metro to easily reach the Reichstag.

  • If you want to park, you will have to do so at the parking spaces that are 10 to 17 minutes of walking distance from Reichstag.

    These parking spaces are :- Parkhaus Unter den Linden, Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof and Parkhaus Galerie Lafayette

  • Visit the dome during the day if possible, the view and the photos are clearer than what you get at the night time.

  • One of the tips for visiting Reichstag building that is often forgotten is to not carry too much luggage with you. For security reasons, it will not be allowed inside the building.

  • The rooftop restaurant is too special and unique to be glossed over. If your schedule allows, you must visit the restaurant and enjoy a good variety of food and unforgettable views.

  • Auto Guides on the terrace and guided tours are a good way to keep your tour interesting and to gain captivating knowledge.

  • Don’t forget to visit nearby monuments, memorials, museums and attractions if you have time. 

    They also can be as interesting a visit as the building itself and offer a look back into the past and make you think.

With these tips and the other information that we have collected for you, planning your visit becomes easier and leads to a fun, peaceful tour.

Featured Image: Bundestag.de

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