Reichstag Roof

Talking about a particular area of the Reichstag building, the Reichstag roof is a place in the monument with a plethora of fun, knowledgeable and soothing options.

Here are the activities that you can do when on the Reichstag roof:

  • Get a magnificent view from the glass dome.
  • Enjoy the scenery and atmosphere from the terrace.
  • Learn about Reichstag and German history through an audio guide.
  • Enjoy a meal at the rooftop Kafer restaurant.

The glass dome is the most sought-after part of the Reichstag visit for most tourists. The panoramic view of the city visible from the top of the glass dome is a delightful site.

Whether it be day or night, Reichstag and the surrounding landmarks are great places to be, not just for their historical significance but for the special views they provide.

In the day, you can see the beauty stretched far in all directions and click some memorable pictures of you and your loved ones.

In the night you can enjoy the site of Berlin brightened up by lights. Even the dome lights up, and it is a remarkable feeling.

You can enjoy the setting and click unique photos from inside as well as outside the glass dome.

The windy but calm aura at the terrace, coupled with an extraordinary view of the city, also provides immense pleasure and peace of mind.

Not only that, audio guides are available for free on the terrace. You can use those audio guides well and learn compelling history while walking around and soaking in the beautiful surroundings.

These audio guides contain fascinating information that can be listened to while you carry on your visit.

Thus, the Reichstag roof is a place that will give you beautiful views, important knowledge and an unforgettable overall experience.

And finally, there is also the most unique restaurant you could ever imagine. 

At the rooftop of the historic building, the Kafer Dachgarten Restaurant welcomes guests to enjoy their chosen cuisine and a view you cannot get enough of.

The Kafer Restaurant offers a good variety of food and drinks, such as gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options, special diets and much more.

You can enjoy your favorite meal while looking over a scenic view of the city in an experience that no other restaurant can provide. It is an expensive restaurant, but with such a rare and unique setting, the reservations sell out fast.

You can reserve your seats in this restaurant on the Reichstag roof. You can enjoy dinner at the Reichstag or a snack, breakfast or lunch at the Reichstag.

This is not a common experience, so if your budget and itinerary allow, you should definitely experience this VIP-like dining opportunity.

In the table below, we’ve mentioned some great booking deals for this restaurant and other perks.

Rooftop Breakfast at Kafer Restaurant in Reichstag€34
Rooftop Apero at The Kafer in Reichstag€39
Lunch at the Kafer Rooftop Restaurant€66
Rooftop Dinner at the Kafer Restaurant€115

The terrace, glass dome, history, views and the restaurant are all enjoyable and knowledgeable experiences.

The Reichstag is a monument that means a lot to Germany and anyone who visits can quickly figure out why.

Reichstag roof is only a part of the splendid and informative time that can be savored on your visit. Cherish every moment while you’re there and come away informed and gratified.

Featured Image: Josh Parker on Unsplash

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