Reichstag Registration

Reichstag is a building that is always pursued by tourists, therefore it is important to register beforehand. 

There are multiple ways to request for a Reichstag registration:

  1. Online
  2. On-site (2 hours before your visit)
  3. Fax
  4. Post

Online and on-site registration are usually the modes used. 

Even among the two, online registration is overwhelmingly preferred because if you register after appearing at Reichstag, that process is longer and not quite simple.

The Reichstag registration is free no matter the mode you choose. Reichstag online registration can be done on the Bundestag website. 

You just need to fill out the form and enter the information, we will let you know the information that is asked, shortly.

You can book tours of Reichstag that will get the registration done for you. There are many types of tours offered including different services such as guided tours, dinner at the rooftop restaurant and more.

On-site registration is a bit complex. 

You must register two hours before whenever you want to visit. 

This is so that a security check can be run on you. 

To register on-site, you need to do so at the service branch of the Visitor’s Service. 

This service center is near the Reichstag Building, next to the Berlin Pavilion on the south side of Scheidemannstraße.

If there is a slot available, you will be issued permission to enter but if there is not you might have to suffice with a slot for any of the next two days. 

Reichstag registration for any further date can only be done online.

Since on-site registration causes so much hassle it is recommended to book online if you can.

Registering via mail or fax is rather unheard of nowadays and is only done in rare cases. 

If you wish to make a registration by fax or by mail, it must be sent at least two days before the date of your visit.

Now that you know the multiple ways of registering, here are the requirements for filling out the form:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Valid I.D. (at time of entry)

After providing these details you must wait for confirmation and provide the names and details of everyone in your group. 

If there are more people traveling with you, then you receive another email with date and time confirmed.

When filling out the Reichstag registration form, make sure to mention all participants of your group to avoid trouble at the entry. 

You can apply for multiple people with a form but be vigilant and mention the details correctly.

Carry original identification documents with you when visiting. Copies of these documents will be rejected at the Reichstag entry point.

There are few other things that you must be aware about:

  • Make sure you get confirmation after the registration. If not, contact relevant authorities. 

    You can only consider your registration confirmed when you receive a mail featuring the time and date of your visit.
  • Mention the details of yourself and your group as mentioned in whichever identification document you will be taking with you to Reichstag. 

    The details usually asked are mentioned in the article.
  • You can only register for a guided tour for the current month and the two months succeeding it.

  • You can only request the Reichstag dome visit registration for the current and following month. 

    The dome is off-limits during the parliamentary sessions, bad weather and security complications.

  • Even after registering for the visit it can be canceled without notice due to the aforementioned factors.

  • Tourism and ticket agencies doing the booking for their customers must specify themselves as “Commercial Agencies” at the time of registration.

    Registering as an individual or group and as a company or organization will lead to their registration being denied.

This is all the information pertaining to Reichstag registration. The simplest way to register is by doing it online sometime before your visit. 

If you make a last-minute plan while in Berlin to visit Reichstag, then you must go to the Visitors’ Service and make the Reichstag visit registration two hours before your visit. 

As long as you carry a valid, original I.D. and fill out the details correctly, there should be no problem.

Registration on time makes things easier for your visit and is something you must keep in mind when going to Reichstag.

To eliminate the worry of registration, you can book tours for Reichstag online which will take care of the registration process for you. 

You can pick which ticket and tour you want according to your needs and book it in advance.

Featured Image: Yannic Kreß on Unsplash

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