Reichstag Guided Tours & Exhibition

If just a simple visit to the Reichstag does not satisfy you and you want to learn more in a detailed manner, guided tours are highly recommended.

A Reichstag guided tour is available when the parliament is not in session. It lasts for an hour and a half. Groups of 25 people can attend these guided tours at once.

It is necessary to be registered for a Reichstag guided tour. It is advised to make the registration online. 

You can register for a tour for the current month and the two months after.

Berlin: Third Reich and Cold War Walking Tour €20
Government Quarter Tour and Reichstag Dome Visit€14
Reichstag, Plenary Chamber, Cupola & Government Tour€14
Plenary Chamber, Dome and Government District Tour€16

The tours mentioned above explain the inner workings of the German parliament, the power structure, the history of German politics that led to the current day and the architecture, construction and history of the Reichstag building.

The Reichstag guided tour is offered in German as well as 7 other languages. Those languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Multiple Reichstag guided tours take place in a day. The Reichstag guided tour in English and other languages starts at 9 am with more at 10.30 am, 12 pm, 1.30 pm, 5 pm, 6.30 pm and 8 pm.

The Reichstag guided tour for the German language also has the same schedule with one extra tour – 9 am, 10.30 am, 12 pm, 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 5 pm, 6.30 pm and 8 pm.

The tours do not take place on certain days:

  • During parliament sessions
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Day of National Mourning
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve

For more information regarding the tours and opening times, check out this article.

Exhibitions are also a popular activity at the building. In a Reichstag exhibition, guests get to learn about the history and design of the building through visual presentations.

Guided tours tell people about the various events and facts, while a Reichstag exhibition shows people the images, documents and other material to explain the occurrences and history of the monument.

The exhibitions take place from Tuesdays to Saturdays. The timings of the Reichstag exhibition are from 10 am to 6 pm.

The exhibition and tour are a great way of learning about the Reichstag and the history that had consequences around the world. 

The German Bundestag exhibition consists of a rotating collection of items as well as permanent artwork in the building.

There are also art and architecture tours of the Paul Löbe Building or the Jakob Kaiser Building, after which visitors visit the dome, but these are for German speakers only.

While entry to the building is free, a guided tour will require a purchase. 

It is usually the norm for people to get a guided tour when they come to the Reichstag as it grows their knowledge and introduces them to intriguing facts and accounts of history. 

Check which language the guided tour and exhibition are offered in. 

Some require a good grasp of the German language, others are in English or other languages and some are offered in English and German.

Come away with not just memories but also important and interesting knowledge from your Reichstag visit by being a part of the exhibitions and guided tours available.


Is a guided tour to the Reichstag worth it?

Yes. The guided tour to Reichstag is definitely worth taking. 

It is a historically and culturally enriching tour that teaches us about the past and why it is important to live with unity. 

It gives us a new perspective of the world as it is today.

How long does the Reichstag tour take?

The Reichstag tour takes 90 minutes to complete. 

It is packed to the brim with interesting and important information and time flies by.

When can we go to the Reichstag exhibition?

You can take part in the Reichstag exhibition from Tuesdays to Saturdays, with the timing being 10 am – 6 pm.

Featured Image: Bundestag.de

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