How To Get To Reichstag

Reichstag building is situated at the northern end of Ebertstrasse and near the bank of the Spree River. The Brandenburg gate is south of the German parliament.

Address: Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin. Get directions.

Here are the means of transportation to get to Reichstag:

  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Metros
  • Trains
  • Walking

It takes 20 minutes at most to reach the building from most points in Berlin.

Means of TransportFareTime Taken
Train€2 – €4 12-15 minutes
Subway/Metro€2 – €3 10-15 minutes
Bus€1 – €415-17 minutes

How to get to Reichstag Berlin by Bus

Getting to Reichstag via bus is an excellent way to save money during travel. 

You can board Bus 100 and get down at Bundestag bus stop, from where it is a 5 minutes walk to the Reichstag. 

If you were to board the bus from Alexanderplatz, the city’s transport hub, you would reach Reichstag in about 15 minutes. 

The Bus 100 lines depart every 15 minutes.

How to get to Reichstag Berlin by Metro

Getting to Reichstag via metro will save time during the visit. 

Metros start running from as early as 4.30 am in the morning till 1 am on weekdays. They  run for 24 hours on weekends.

Traveling by metro in Berlin is comfortable, not expensive and saves time. 

The closest metro station Bundestag station to Reichstag is just a 7 minutes walk.

Multiple metro lines, including U2 and U5, will get you to Reichstag.

How to get to Reichstag Berlin by Train

The S1 and S26 routes are the best way of getting to Reichstag via train. 

You must get down at  Brandenburger tor railway station, from where the Reichstag building is a quick walk away.

There are other train lines as well, and the trains are available frequently during busy hours.

How to get to Reichstag Berlin by Car

How to get to Reichstag Berlin by Car
Photo by Fionn Große on Unsplash

If you start at the city’s transport hub, Alexanderplatz, for reference, getting to Reichstag via car would take 15 minutes. Get directions.

Take the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße/B2/B5 route to get to Reichstag. Traveling by car is more time-efficient and also more comfortable than public transport.

 Parking at the Reichstag building is unavailable, so you must park nearby if you wish to travel by car. 

Parking spots are available around the monument; you can learn about them here.


How do I get to Reichstag building?

There are many ways to get to Reichstag. 

You can reach there by train, car, metro, bus or even by foot.

What is the best way to get to Reichstag?

Considering all factors, the metro is the best way to get to Reichstag. 

It is quick, comfortable, and readily available.

Can I park at the Reichstag building?

Reichstag doesn’t offer parking facilities. 

However, there are parking spaces near the building, and we recommend Select Hotel Berlin The Wall and Krausenstraße 7 Garage. 

Featured Image: En.wikipedia.org

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