Glass Dome Reichstag

You know by now the history and architecture of the Reichstag building. 

Every visitor makes a point to go to the fabled glass dome of Reichstag. The glass dome on the Reichstag building in Berlin provides an enchanting panoramic view of the city.

It is something that captures everyone’s attention, so much so that people pay multiple visits to the Reichstag to get a view from the glass dome many times.

The Berlin Reichstag glass dome replaced the original cupola, which was heavily damaged in the war. 

Earlier, the cupola was dismantled, and the building was without it for quite a few years before the renovation effort by architect Norman Foster was asked to include a dome in their project.

When it comes to the design of the glass dome, Reichstag benefits from it in more than just aesthetics. 

It is designed so that natural lighting enters the building and ventilation is adequate. 

Reichstag is a self-sufficient structure when it comes to energy. 

The dome is above the plenary chamber. It has a mirrored cone that reflects light inside the building, which aids in energy generation.

That and other measures such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems make Reichstag an example of how buildings can benefit from and contribute to renewable energy.

The glass dome also incorporates a spiral ramp used by guests to climb up in the dome and get great 360-degree views of Berlin.

People can also see the parliament sessions from the dome. Experience the iconic Reichstag like never before with a tour that includes a visit to its stunning glass dome.

An essential part of the glass dome is a large sun shield that tracks the sun’s movements electronically and prevents those inside from direct sunlight and from getting dazzled due to reflections.

With many other highlights and the beautiful glass dome, Reichstag attracts millions of viewers annually. 

It is made of 3000 glass panes and also lights up from the inside at night, providing excellent opportunities for scenery and photos.

If you’re wondering when would be the best time to go to the dome, that would be the day. 

Early hours of the day, to be precise. Arrive at the building right at the opening hours and reach the dome early. This time is less crowded and provides the best view and photos.

The nighttime view is also beautiful but limited compared to the day due to darkness. Still, the scene of a lit-up city and the stars above you makes for a captivating experience. 

You can even put the bow on your special day by having dinner at the rooftop restaurant on Reichstag.

There are also exhibitions and guided tours that take you to the dome and other building features, all while telling you interesting facts and historical knowledge about the building.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the Reichstag have a glass dome?

Reichstag has a glass dome because Norman Foster, the man who designed Reichstag, was asked to include it in his project.

It replaces the cupola that used to be there in the original design of the building.

Is the Reichstag dome worth it?

The glass dome of Reichstag Parliament building is free to enter after registering and provides the best viewpoint in the whole country.

The fresh air, great views and rare photo opportunities make it completely worth it.

What is a glass dome used for?

Regarding the glass dome, Reichstag is designed in such a way that it is particularly useful. 

It blocks the direct glare of the sun from entering the building and also helps with natural lighting, ventilation and energy efficiency.

Featured Image: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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