Attractions near Reichstag Building

Berlin is home to not just Reichstag but many other historic buildings. 

Even if you plan to visit Reichstag first, there are many other museums and monuments that you can explore if you have time remaining.

These monuments are close to Reichstag so more traveling would not be needed. 

Aside from these attractions near Reichstag building, you can also find restaurants, hotels, shops or a ride back to your stay.

Like the Reichstag building, attractions nearby are also filled with historical importance. 

It is fascinating to look at all the buildings and memorials and it provides a new perspective to everyone visiting.

Here are some of the most famous attractions near Reichstag building:

1) Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a famous monument that was built way back in the 18th century. Prussian King Frederick William II built it. 

It marks the start of the road from Berlin to Brandenburg an der Havel.

It is a very important relic of the past that symbolizes peace and unity for the country and has been the site of many historical moments over a long time.

2) Museum für Naturkunde

Also known as the Natural History Museum, this building contains zoological, paleontological and mineralogical specimens. 

Two of its most famous displays are the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton and a specimen of the oldest known bird, Archaeopteryx.

It is a nice change of pace from the other places and is worth a visit to see the skeletons and specimens of spellbinding creatures from the past. 

3) Paul Lobe Haus

Paul Lobe Haus is a building near Reichstag. It is used for work related to legislation. It is a marvel of modern architecture and hosts many exhibitions and artworks from time to time.

The building occupies 61,000 square meters of floor space and has 1700 rooms. It serves as the base of operations for most things related to legislation.

The artwork and beautiful design make it a popular tourist attraction.

 There is also a hugely famous attraction ON the Reichstag building itself. The Kafer Dachgarten Restaurant offers an unmatchable view and a wide variety of food and drinks.

4) Jakob Kaiser Haus

This is the largest parliamentary building in Germany.  It consists of 8 six-floor buildings. It is possible to reach the Paul Lobe Haus directly from this building through the Spree tunnel.

Much like Paul Lobe Haus, this attraction also houses multiple official-purpose rooms such as offices, meeting rooms, etc.

5) Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral is a church that has stood in one form or another since 1451. It is also used for exhibitions, concerts and state ceremonies.

It is 114 meters in length and 74 meters in width. Having undergone multiple reconstructions, it is a fabulous architectural exhibit and is quite popular among tourists and locals.

6) Bode Museum

The Bode Museum is one of the most famous attractions near Reichstag building. It is located in Museum Island, a Spree Island complex. 

It was formerly known as the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum.

It became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999. The Bode Museum contains many historic artifacts, such as sculpture works and other artwork.

It is most famous for its coin collection, consisting of coins from the 7th century BC from Asia Minor when minting is said to have started to coins of today. 

Historians regard this massive collection of over 500,000 items as the best in the world.

7) Gemaldegalerie

The Gemaldegalerie is an art museum in the city of Berlin. Located just 1.27 km from the Reichstag, it is one of the many famous attractions near the Reichstag building. It originally opened in 1830.

It contains artwork from the 13th to the 18th century by famous artists such as Botticelli, Durer, Rembrandt, Rubens and Titian.

This is a great place to tour with paintings of a very interesting time in European history related to significant moments.

8) German Historical Museum

This museum is only 1.41 km away from the Reichstag building. As the name suggests, it consists of collections depicting German History. Many riveting items are on display and are attached to history in such a way that it is difficult to take your eyes off them.

Over 2000 years of German history are chronologically arranged in this museum as it quickly takes you from the beginning to the present. 

Even if you are not interested in history, this attraction will most certainly pique your interest.

9) Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror is an indoor and outdoor museum with an intense setting. It is located in the same place where Nazi buildings used to be. It also contains remnants of The Berlin Wall.

This museum emphasizes the need to remember and learn from history by reminding people of the dread and suffering the nation had to go through before the reunification.

This is a thought-provoking visit and is home to many permanent and temporary exhibitions. 

Many people visit this place not just for a history lesson but also to gain an important insight that positively changes their life and way of thinking.

10) Altes Museum

The Altes Museum (Altes translating to “old” in English) is another one of the popular tourist attractions near Reichstag building. It is also situated in the Museum Island.

It was built over 5 years between 1825 and 1830 by the order of King Frederick William III of Prussia. 

It is located east of the Berlin Cathedral and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.

The museum boasts a massive antique collection and gallery of art. War apparatus, ancient utensils and paintings also make it an extremely interesting visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did Christo wrap Reichstag?

Christo along with his wife Jeanne Claude carried out the art project called “Wrapped Reichstag”.

The purpose of this was to symbolize the United Germany and signal the return of Berlin from ruins to a city of unity and welcoming nature.

Where was the wrapped Reichstag?

The Reichstag building located at Platz der Republik 1, 11011, Berlin was wrapped by the artist couple Christo and Jeanne Claude before its reconstruction began.

Who wrapped the Reichstag in 1995?

Reichstag was wrapped as a part of the environmental art project of Christo and Jeanne Claude.

It was wrapped under a silver-whitish fabric with a blue rope to hold it. It required 90 climbers and 120 more workers to wrap the building fully.

How long did the wrapped Reichstag take?

Reichstag was wrapped for two weeks and millions of visitors came to take a look at this extravagant piece of art.

Featured Image: Bundestag.de

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